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Campaign (up to 100% Off)

Brokerage fee FREE of CHARGE for 1 year lease contract which the monthly rent is over 1000US$.

Brokerage fee 20% OFF for 1 year lease contract which the monthly rent is under 1000US$.

For property viewing, 10US$ per hour will be charged.
(Car, driver, fuel, interpreter fee are included, this charge will be returned when sign 1 year lease contract with us)

Campaign duration / area: from Nov 20th to Dec 15th, 2017  limited to Yangon city only
Hotel, guest house, building, factory and land are exception from the above campaign.

Note: You do better come to our office and do the procedure directly, please do not ask your interpretor to rent a house for you.
because of ① the interpretor might ask commission, that does not help you rent a good house.
② the interpretor might cheat you about the rent fee.

New properties (for rent)

2017-11-29 Luxury condo room for rent in Star City.

The room is very new. It is highly decorated with fully furniture. Clean and neat room. Lovely to st ...

2017-11-29 A luxurious Condo room for rent in Star City Condo

The room is well decorated with fully furnished and ready to live in. It is lovely room. Flooring w ...

2017-11-29 Available good condominium for rent near Chatrium Hotel.

Well decorated Condominium. It is corner room and get more light. There is clean kitchen for house ...

2017-11-29 The most brightest room located near Kandawgyie Lake!

Internet line,good place and nice view provided,Located close to Chatrium Hotel and restaurants. T ...

2017-11-29 Quiet and residential condo near Kandawgyie Lake - Don't miss the chance!

Highly decorated, quiet and residential area to live, near to the chatrium Hotel and Kandawgyi lake. ...

2017-11-28 A Condominium room for rent in MaharSwe Condo

The room is already decorated and ready to live in. It is flooring with tiles. Fully furniture have ...

New properties (for sale)

2017-11-06 Two Story Landed House for sale in Tin Gan Gyun Township.

The house is suitable for family living. Good room and ready to live. Easy for transportation. Cover ...

2017-11-06 Furnished and immediately available for living !

Completed water and electricity , 60 yrs grant provided , highly furnished and immediately available ...

2017-11-06 A ground floor for sale is available at Botahtaung Township.

The room is flooring with tiles in the whole room. Well decorated room and ready to live in. Provide ...

2017-10-30 A wide space Condo room for sale in Yaw Min Gyi Condo

Close to Junction City , Park Royal Hotel, Aung San Stadium, Sule Shangrila, BoJoke Market, Yangon R ...

2017-10-23 Condo room for sale is available now.

Located in downtown and it is crowded place. The room is newly renovated. Flooring with parquets in ...

2017-10-23 Two Story Landed House for sale in South Okklapa Township

The house is suitable for family living. Good room and ready to live. Located near the TanTuMa main ...

贴吧账户注册--综合体育用品网站 basic knowledge

・All the prices in [Myanmar Housing] are the owner's desired price; it may be cheaper after negotiation.

・In Myanmar, the rent contract always be 1 year contract, the 1 year's rent should be paid at beginning, no guarantor required.

・Deposit usually be 0-3 months rent, landloard decide it according interior conditions, furniture and electrical equipment.

・The brokerage fee is 1 month's rent.

・In Yangon rental market, the supply can not catch up the demand which caused by foreigners and foreign companies.

・The real estate prices were soaring in Myanmar due to the recent Myanmar boom. Currently, Foreigner and foreign capital company are not allowed to buy real estate property in Myanmar.

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Myanmar Housing is the biggest real estate portal website in Myanmar, founded in 2011. You can find a lot of information about landed house, condominium, industrial properties, office, shop and land. Our website is also open for all real estate agent in Myanmar to advertise properties include buy, sell, lend and rent.
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If you want to sell or buy a house, you need property information as well as buyer or seller information. As a buyer, you can find many landed house, condominium, industrial properties, office, shop and land. As an agent, you can post your real estate information on Myanmar Housing, so it can help you to find buyer.
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If you are not looking to buy or sell an estate but instead you are looking to rent or lend for temporary use, you have visited a right site. In our portal website, there also have a lot of informations about renting and lending estates. You can find yourself and choose to match with you.
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Myanmar land and industrial properties

You may need a land to build a firm, factory, industry, shop, or just want for future use. Therefore, here we made a list of estate that can be buy, sell, rent and lend. We have a lot of informations about them. We wish you could find the land which matches your requirements.
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