Submission deadline for the 2017/18 Tournament Phase is set for 20th of December 2017. After this date, you will not be able to upload new versions of your bots for a few weeks, while we run the round-robin and elimination rounds.
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Game schedule:
O. Ostroumovvs.tscmoor
ForceBotvs.Andrew Smith
Recent Achievements:
08.11. 08:42vs Protoss 50 achievement for KillAlll.
06.11. 16:05vs Protoss 50 achievement for NLPRbot.
06.11. 08:29Experienced achievement for WillBot.
05.11. 19:59Veteran achievement for Sparks.

What is SSCAIT?

Student StarCraft AI Tournament is an educational event, first held in 2011. It serves as a challenging competitive environment mainly for students (submissions by non-students are allowed too) of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. They are submitting the bots programmed in C++ or Java using BWAPI to play 1v1 StarCraft matches.

Referencing SSCAIT

To reference SSCAIT in your publications, please cite:
  • M. Čertický, D. Churchill. The Current State of StarCraft AI Competitions and Bots. In Proceedings of the AIIDE 2017 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Games. 2017.
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