The PurePower® GTF Engine

Pratt & Whitney's PurePower® PW1000G Engine Family is not just a concept
or a promise for the future—it is reality.

The PurePower® Engine changes everything—it's not the same old turbofan.

Pratt & Whitney is the world leader in geared aircraft engine technology with deep knowledge based on more than half a billion hours of our turboprop experience.

We have invested more than $10 billion and 20 years in perfecting the Geared Turbofan engine and it’s paying off. With flight testing of the first two engine series well underway, the PurePower PW1000G engine with Geared Turbofan technology delivers game-changing reductions in:

  • Fuel burn
  • Environmental emissions
  • Engine noise
  • Operating costs

In the PurePower PW1000G engine family, a state of the art gear system separates the engine fan from the low pressure compressor and turbine, allowing each of the modules to operate at their optimum speeds. This enables both an increase in the diameter of the fan and the low pressure compressor and turbine to operate at a high speed. The increased efficiency is also enhanced by having 2,000 fewer airfoils and six fewer stages – hot section parts that traditionally require more maintenance.

The PurePower PW1000G engine’s fan-drive gear system is just one component of this next-generation engine. The PurePower PW1000G engine also incorporates advances in aerodynamics, lightweight materials and other major technology improvements in the high-pressure spool, low-pressure turbine, combustor, controls, engine health monitoring and more.