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Focus on Assessment Questions for Human Rights, Human Capital & Supply Chain. Presented to you by G&A Institute in collaboration RobecoSAM

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A growing number of companies on Long Island are incorporating social responsibility into their business models to boost their reputation, engage employees and attract customers. “This is capitalism with a cause,” said Jim McCann, founder and...

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Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.

Navigating the Way to Sustainability...

Governance & Accountability Institute is organized as the “Sustainability Headquarters™” for clients in the corporate community and in the investment and financial services sector. Our team provides strategic advice and counsel on a wide range of issues and topics related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, disclosure and reporting, ESG performance, and stakeholder (third party) engagement. 

The Institute is a for-profit company organized almost a decade ago by professionals experienced in issue and crisis management, enterprise risk management, corporate communications, corporate governance, and corporate responsibility. 

G&A Institute is currently the only data partner for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland. We conduct extensive research on corporate and institutional disclosure and reporting in these countries, and globally in countries around the world. No other consulting organization has the breadth and depth of experience on corporate sustainability and responsibility reporting, and associated resources and research capabilities of the G&A team. 

The G&A portfolio of resources and services for clients includes strategic counseling and implementation for the corporate and institutional sustainability journey. 

We provide global ESG issue monitoring and research; stakeholder identification, prioritizing, monitoring, backgrounding, and engagement; customized ESG, CR and Sustainability-focused research; comprehensive issues management services; advice on corporate responsibility strategies and programs; support investor relations and assistance in corporate responsibility / sustainability reporting, disclosure and communications. 

The G&A Institute team members are expert in the many dimensions of corporate ESG and Sustainability – and the third party frameworks that help companies provide a comprehensive view of the impact of environmental and energy, social/society issues and corporate governance factors of interest to analysts, investors and a broad range of stakeholders. ("ESG" performance.) 

Highlights of the specific resources and services portfolio available to clients are described in our services section of the site. Note that these services are closely aligned and integrated – these are the important parts of the whole of our world class deliverables for client organizations. The G&A team recommend the integration of important elements of our strategies and programs for clients to maximize their return on sustainability and create long-term sustainability and responsibility success. 

We help companies and organizations navigate their sustainability journeys. 

Note: The G&A Institute GRI data partner activities are pro bono. The mission of the Institute is to be a knowledge-sharing organization, working with partners and collaborators to help to advance the thematic of corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Our Services

各大赌王的注码法--综合体育用品网站 services are broken down into three service related categories.

Making the Case for Sustainability

Selections from 各大赌王的注码法--综合体育用品网站's Sustainability Update blog making the case for sustainability...

For Business

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“The” voice of authority for many board members and C-suite executives is The Harvard Business Review. Sustainability pioneer and influential thought leader John Elkington in the current “HBR” talks about the practice of “issues framing” at the highest levels of the corporation, …Continue reading

For Investors

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The authoritative voice for many investors on the always expanding mutual fund universe is the Chicago-based Morningstar organization. The company tracks mutual fund’s in- and outflows, performance, focus and other aspects of [mutual fund] activities. The firm began adding ESG …Continue reading