ACRE Photos 2017

2nd Namibia ACRE
23rd ACRE

In October from the 4th to the 13th I photographed the three 2017 ACRE conferences for Solutions Finding to capture:


Since then I have grouped the photos, 
done some editing removing blurred
or bad photos and posted them on
my Smugmug photo album account to share
with all the delegates and the presenters.

Go to my main Smugmug website
and scroll down to the most recent albums 

I have been posting photos for several years
of my travels, adventures, conferences, client programs
to share them and for my own virtual reliving of them.

Here is a chart sharing the categories/groups
and specific Smugmug page url addresses.

To go directly to a SPECIFIC album:

copy the smugmug page url
paste it in a search box

Or go to the main Smugmug account page
and scan down the this group of albums
at the bottom of the website.

name smugmug page url
12 EDU ACRE Teachers
Awards Night
Klein Kariba
23rd ACRE
Celebration Dinner
Alan – Robert Alan Black  
Annalie Botha
Annie Coetzie
Astrid Provénce
Belia Nel   
Bill Olsen
Brian Andrew
Bruce Baum
Cecile Wiltshire
CPSI Bruce Hector Marlies
Eduplex Principal
Eileen Doyle
Eileen – Happy Hour
Eva Biebuyck
Francois Coetzee
Francois Roux see Renee
Hector Ramos
Heinz Neethling & Marita
Herman Van den Broeck
Ingvar Jónsson
janet Rouss
Jannie Putter
Jim Ridge
Karen Hodges
karen Rudolf
Kobus Neethling
Liesl Schoonwinkel
Lucinda and partner
Makheni Zonneveld
Marita Durr
Mark Dodsworth
Midgie Thompson see yolande
mo deckers  
Puleng Makhoalibe
Raché Rutherford
Raymond Dörfel
Reneé van Wyk
Shankar Goenka  unfortunately I did not capture any of Shankar’s presentations
Sjoerd de Waal
Stanley Beckett
Susannah Childers
Suzanna Ramos
Tara Coste
Tim Hurson
Yolande Conradie
nite flites
smile photos
hiking at klein kariba


This is a PROJECT in PROCESS that will be improved over time.

In addition I took nearly 200 videos from a few moments to entire experiences.

Because I choose not to disrupt the presenters by using flash or other lighting techniques often the venues prove to be nearly impossible to photograph in.

I take videos that can be edited for better still images.

Sadly technology does not make it feasible to share large video files or large numbers of them.