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Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd

Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd.

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LOCATION: HDPE plastic wound drain > Application


◎ Municipal Engineering: as underground drainage, sewage.

◎ road projects: as railway, highway infiltration, drainage.

◎ industry: widely used in sewage pipes industry.

◎ Construction: Buildings used as rainwater pipes, underground drainage, sewage, ventilation Tubes.

◎ landfill sewerage pipe.

◎ large port, dock project: major airport, port, dock drainage works, sewage and so on.

◎ sports venues: as seepage drains golf courses, football fields and other sports venues.

◎ WATER: as water pipes, irrigation pipes.

◎ mine: for mine ventilation, air supply, drainage, mud tubes.

◎ communication with the tube: rail, road communication, communication cables, fiber optic cable protection tubes.

◎ water storage system: for interception slow flow storage system.

◎ Agricultural Engineering: for farmland, orchards, tea plantations and forest irrigation.

◎ sea pipelines.

◎ river transport pass.

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Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd is located in the historic town of China --- town Jinnan District station. The company is located in the industrial park station, and Tianjin Port, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, adjacent to Tianjin Airport, location and convenient transportation.
The company is specialized in all kinds of new plastic pipe research and development, manufacturing, sales and construction services as one of modern high-tech enterprises.


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