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Quality Raw Materials

Quality raw materials to ensure product quality is fundamental

Billion-Ma has been committed to providing customers with high quality products. Raw materials are basic guarantee high-quality products, Lin Jie selection of Borealis, Basel, SABIC, South Korea Daelim, Phillips, Total, Korea SK and other international certification of special high-density polyethylene resin, do not add any recycled material, to ensure that the products of excellent quality.

For the first time the raw material used, the first pipe extrusion trial has been fully tested and performance of materials performance testing, production line, in full compliance with national standards after, before the inclusion of raw material procurement in the company directory. After the raw material conventionally used to reach the factory, the first time to notify QC supply sector, according to the quality certificate provided by the supplier for each batch of raw materials were sampled for testing, the indicators in full compliance with the requirements of the standard shall be handled only after storage. Incoming ingredients are stacked according to grades and batches. When raw materials requisitioned to follow the principle of "first in first out" to avoid mix. In order to ensure product quality, the company also developed a corporate internal control testing standards stricter than national standards, they should follow internal control standards in the production process and improve every aspect, every detail, identify problems and timely adjustments to improve, the quality control of the whole process, sustained and stable production to meet customer demand for high quality products.

Quality Raw Materials

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Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd is located in the historic town of China --- town Jinnan District station. The company is located in the industrial park station, and Tianjin Port, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, adjacent to Tianjin Airport, location and convenient transportation.
The company is specialized in all kinds of new plastic pipe research and development, manufacturing, sales and construction services as one of modern high-tech enterprises.


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