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Stringent Quality Control

Stringent Quality Control 

Hydrostatic    Test Tube
     (80    ℃, 165h)
     No    rupture, no leakage

Tube Elongation at break ≥350%

Pipe oxidation induction time
     (Thermal stability)> 20min

Pipe longitudinal reversion
     (110 ℃) ≤3%

Hydrostatic test tube
     (80 ℃, 165h)
     No rupture, no leakage

Tube oxidation induction time
     (Thermal stability)> 20min

Weld strength of fused pipe
     Percentage release brittle damage

Butt weld tensile strength
     (Test to destruction so far)
     Toughness: through;
     Brittle: fail

Resistance (fused pipe),
     X0.9≤ nominal resistance value
     ≤ nominal value x1.1 + 0.1Ω

Stringent Quality Control 

Pipe Appearance

Pipe diameter

Pipe wall thickness

Pipe roundness

Exterior fittings

The outer diameter of the tube

The wall thickness of the pipe

Port tube roundness

Each of the sense resistor value    (fused pipe)

Stringent Quality Control 

Polyethylene melt mass flow rate

Polyethylene thermal stability

Density polyethylene

Polyethylene volatile content

Polyethylene moisture content

Polyethylene carbon black content

Polyethylene carbon black    dispersion

Resistant gas component

Resistance to slow crack growth

Stringent Quality Control

Warehouse Logistics

Stringent Quality Control

Before the product is shipped, the storekeeper each check issued goods name, size, quantity, etc., according to the "FIFO" principle shipments; clean condition when shipment inspection of transport vehicles and equipment in good condition, all kinds of transport vehicles must be kept complete, the car does not leak.

To do cargo handling stacking neatly, tightly and thatch cover tight, closed compartment. Where the goods do not meet the standards or requirements of packaging and packaging may not be damaged shipment.

Company Profile/

Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd is located in the historic town of China --- town Jinnan District station. The company is located in the industrial park station, and Tianjin Port, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, adjacent to Tianjin Airport, location and convenient transportation.
The company is specialized in all kinds of new plastic pipe research and development, manufacturing, sales and construction services as one of modern high-tech enterprises.


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