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Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd

Yi Fu Ma Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd is located in the historic town of China --- town Jinnan District station. The company is located in the industrial park station, and Tianjin Port, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, adjacent to Tianjin Airport, location and convenient transportation.

The company is specialized in all kinds of new plastic pipe research and development, manufacturing, sales and construction services as one of modern high-tech enterprises. The company occupies 32,000 square meters, has a modern production workshop, Block 2, with a number of advanced and efficient pipe production line with annual production capacity of 80,000 tons and above, the company mainly produces: buried drainage polyethylene (PE) plastic pipe, water use polyethylene (PE) pipe, gas use polyethylene (PE) pipe, coal mine polyethylene pipe, ground source heat pump with a polyethylene (PE) pipe, cable sheath made of polyethylene (PE) pipe hot and cold water polypropylene (PP-R) pipe, hot and cold water with heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) pipes and other products and all related fittings. Production of pipe diameter DN20-DN2400, covering all the specifications listed in the national standard.

As a new show China pipe industry, the billion-Ma Industry Co., Ltd focus on the effective integration of technology innovation and products, gathered a large number of technical professionals, each year putting in a lot of funding for scientific research. Technical Center laboratory is equipped with various types of testing equipment, to complete the elongation at break of the product, hydrostatic strength at different temperatures, oxidation induction, density, carbon black dispersion, ring flexibility, flame retardant and antistatic dozens of physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties testing, fully meet the needs of all inspection and testing of the products manufactured. The company passed the ISO9001 / 2000 quality management system certification, product by the National Chemical Building Materials Test Center performance indicators and health indicators are in line with the standard requirements.

Companies adhering to the "good faith, cooperation and win-win, the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development" philosophy; abide by the "credibility of the first, the user first" purpose; to better corporate image, first-class management team and dedicated the majority of domestic and foreign friends exchanges and cooperation, and seek common development, supply and demand win-win situation, create brilliant.


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