EL-1000 Series Thermal Converters
Substantially Reduce AC/DC Transfer Errors and Produce a Flat Frequency Response Curve up to 100MHZ.

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Chatsworth, CA - Precision Measurements has just introduced the EL-1000 series of thermal converters manufactured with the company’s most advanced high-accuracy vacuum thermocouple. The design substantially reduces the AC/DC transfer errors. The series EL-1000 thermal converters are designed for measuring AC current and voltages up to 1mhz.

Due to increased demand for high-accuracy AC voltage and current measurements at high frequencies, the EL-1000 series uses single junction vacuum thermocouples. These thermocouples utilize Evanohm heater wire and a cold bead which eliminates the Peltier and Seebeck effects, thereby resulting in a highly accurate AC/DC transfer device.

The versatility of the new design allows the use of platinum leads which, through Precision Measurements testing, have proven to lower even further the AC/DC transfer errors and extend the use of thermal converters above the 100 MHz threshold.

A technical paper presented at the 2003 CPEN conference discussed the new design in detail and notes several advantages such as lower noise susceptibility (copies available upon request).

Precision Measurements considers the new converter design a major contribution to the measurements world because of its high frequency current and voltage calibration that provides accuracies which have previously unachievable with traditional converters.

About Precision Measurements
Precision Measurements have been manufacturing thermal converters for over 22 years for the United States Air Force, Navy, and Army and for calibration labs throughout the world.
Precision Measurements’ sister company, Best Technology International (www.besttech.com), manufactures the Vacuum Thermocouples for calibration labs throughout the world.
At Precision Measurement, calibration of thermal converters is accomplished using Thermal Converter Calibration System EL-2030 which was developed for the Air Force and is one of the most accurate and reliable automated calibration systems.